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Top-Of-The-Line UV Tanning Beds

The Best Tanning Equipment in Godley, Joshua & Cleburne

Whether you are looking to build a base tan, maintain your color or just give yourself a boost, Tan Dat Wildcat has what you are looking for.

With our top-of-the-line sun beds and booths, we’ve got you covered!

Relax in the tranquility of our modern resort-inspired surroundings.

Our expert, attentive staff provide first class amenities and the ultimate in comfort and cleanliness.

Tanning & Lash Services at Tan Dat Wildcat


20 Minutes


Jade is the perfect entry level tanning bed, giving you time to relax and build your base tan in this 20 minute starter bed.


15 Minutes

Onyx Angled Closed_transparent

The Onyx is our mid-level tanning bed that offers excellent results in just 15 minutes.


10 Minutes


The V3 is the 10-minute stand-up escape from reality you deserve while getting a deep tan.


10 Minutes



The Luxura X7 offers a total high-class tanning experience. Guests will immediately feel the power of this bed while relaxing on the ContourPLUS sculpted acrylic, created for superior comfort.